Progressing your job search during the festive season

With Christmas just nine weeks away, many people’s thoughts will be turning to the fun times the festivities bring. But for jobseekers, it’s also an opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits the period brings.

While it’s true that many companies reduce their hiring activities during the festive period, it doesn’t mean that your job search has to come to a complete standstill. In fact, this time can be one of the most advantageous periods to make significant strides in your job search. Here’s why:

Reduced competition

During the festive season, many people take a break from their job search to focus on festivities. This means that you’ll face less competition for the roles you apply for, increasing the chances of your application being noticed. Fewer candidates also mean that hiring managers may have more time to review applications in detail, giving your CV and cover letter an opportunity to truly shine.

Networking opportunities

The festive season is synonymous with social gatherings – whether it’s an online industry event or a casual Zoom chat with extended family, these occasions provide unique opportunities to network. You never know, your uncle’s best friend might be the CEO of a company you’re interested in or a contact might know of job openings that haven’t been advertised yet. Always be prepared with an elevator pitch about your skills and career goals.

Time for upskilling

If you find that job openings in your sector are scarce during the festive season, utilise this time to upskill and improve. Refine your CV and create tailored versions to appeal to specific niches, enhance your understanding of a new programming language, get certified in project management, or acquire a new digital marketing toolset. The skills you gain can also be added to your CV, making you a more attractive candidate when job activities resume in full swing in the New Year.

Make a strategic plan

Use the quiet period to reflect on your career goals and plan for the upcoming year. Update your CV, LinkedIn profile, and other social media platforms to reflect your current skills and experiences. Make a list of companies you want to target, industries you’d like to explore, and even specific people you aim to network with. Talk to your recruitment consultant and help them understand more about your career aspirations, skillset and experience, and the type of role or company you’re looking to work at. An organised approach will enable you to hit the ground running when the New Year arrives.

Being proactive

Believe it or not, companies do hire during the festive period, especially those looking to fill positions by the start of the New Year. Make a point to tell your recruitment consultant that you’re available for interviews throughout the festive period – your proactive approach could make you stand out as a go-getter, and could very well land you an interview.

A word on well-being

While it’s good to be proactive, it’s also essential to strike a balance. The festive season is a time to recharge your batteries, both physically and emotionally. Make sure to take breaks, enjoy time with loved ones, and participate in activities that rejuvenate you.

The festive period can be a very fruitful time for jobseekers who approach it with the right mindset. Reduced competition, opportunities for networking, time for upskilling, and a chance to make a strategic plan can all work in your favour if leveraged properly. So this Christmas, in between the mince pies and mulled wine, take some time to advance your career aspirations. Happy job hunting!

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