IT employment market in 2023

The technology job market in the United Kingdom is booming in 2023, with high demand across IT roles ranging from software engineering to cybersecurity. According to recent reports, there are currently over 160,000 open IT positions in the UK. Key factors driving this demand include investment in digital transformation, growth of tech startups, and a skills shortage especially in areas like cloud computing, data analytics, and AI/machine learning.

Salaries for IT professionals have risen steadily, with the average IT salary now over £50,000 per year. Technology hubs like London, Manchester, and Cambridge have seen particularly high salary growth to attract talent. However, employers across the UK are struggling to fill open tech roles.

The skills gap means that candidates with in-demand qualifications like AWS certifications or experience with programming languages like Python can command top salaries and signing bonuses. Employers are also increasingly open to remote work and flexible arrangements to access the talent they need.

While Brexit has impacted some parts of the UK job market, the tech sector continues to thrive. The demand for qualified IT workers is expected to remain high in fields like cybersecurity, game development, fintech, and automation. Consequently, now is an excellent time for those interested in a career in technology to invest in skills training and education. With the right qualifications, tech professionals can advance quickly and earn generous compensation even as entry-level candidates. The future looks bright for the IT job market in the UK as technology reshapes industries and grows the digital economy.

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